As a child, nature was an instinctive love for this introvert who was fortunate enough to grow up in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

A kid who was blessed to have the freedom to wander off alone through the woods and fields of the Wealden landscape.

And as family life became increasingly dysfunctional, engaging with nature became my means of escape from a troubled home.

But I still also – simply – loved nature for nature’s sake.

Especially butterflies and moths, whose intricate colours enthralled this young mind.

Occasionally I kept a nature journal.

As I grew up, collecting butterflies gave way to photographing them.

The magic of nature that delights children and captures their imagination, thankfully, never left me.

But as the cold, hard atheism of my childhood gave way to a spiritual rebirth,

so the wonder of nature morphed into an even greater, spiritual appreciation of our world and all things in it.

Time alone with nature is now time alone with the One.

A walk in the woods is now a precious moment of contemplation.

And an opportunity for emotional refreshment and spiritual replenishment.

Nature is a gateway to the Kingdom.

A glimpse into the Divine.

A thin veil to a world beyond the one we see.

The breeze and birdsong are now whispers of the Spirit.

But I still also – simply – love nature for nature’s sake!

Spirit of Nature is like that childhood journal: an observational record, combined with lots of pics, as I share my enjoyment in nature photography, with some brief reflections on life and spirituality, from those moments with nature, thrown in for free!

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment,

Roger Nuttall


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