Living At The Edge

(Throwback Thursday)

Male Brimstone

I used this image as the cover photo for my book, Coming Home for Good.

The picture holds significance for me for a couple of reasons, as explained in the inside cover of the book:

“Taken in 2010 at the outer corner of a field where my car was parked,

at the very edge of Bath and West Showground,

where I was attending New Wine, a large Christian conference,

the photo was one of the highlights of my week.

Probably the best butterfly picture I’ve ever snapped,

it’s often reminded me of how the beauty and dignity of hidden treasures are to be found

on the edges rather than in the limelight of society, or indeed of any community.

I’ve discovered it’s my introvert personality that often takes me away from the centre, towards the edges of conferences, parties or other events.

But there’s also something else, from the Spirit, that keeps driving me to speak and act for those who find themselves on the edges of society, marginalised by the few who hold the power.  

Coming Home for Good describes the journey I’ve travelled, from choosing to live on the edges of society as a teenage itinerant, to my work now as a nurse managing a healthcare service for homeless and other marginalised people.

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